KAVALA FERTILIZERS LTD combines knowledge and advanced technologies with responsible business. Our products lay a foundation for a fast-growing economy. For us, chemistry is the world around we help to create. KAVALA FERTILIZERS LTD is the only producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in Greece.

Our vision is the recognition of our Company between the Leaders in the field of chemicals and nitrogenous fertilizers in Greece and world wide by our employees, the society, our competitors, our customers and suppliers.

We wish to create a developing Company offering significant value to its shareholders, employees and customers.


We support the continuous improvement in the technical, environmental and social field and provide the market with high quality products, well recognized.

KAVALA FERTILIZERS LTD has a longstanding goal of creating a culture of sustainable awareness, has committed to operate sustainably and responsibly and has aimed to actively improve its sustainability performance over the time.

Our basic target is to produce chemicals and high quality fertilizers successfully meeting and adapting the market’s needs.

We always support our processes and products continuous improvement focusing on achieving financial goals that shall satisfy our shareholders’ expectations.


Sustainable Development is a process for meeting the human needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

KAVALA FERTILIZERS LTD aims to contribute to sustainable development through the support of food production, the resources conservation, the preservation of the natural environment and the quality of life improvement.

At KAVALA FERTILIZERS LTD we believe that businesses can only grow sustainably in a healthy environment and in a stable and wealthy society. We are working for a competitive and dynamically developing company, which operates responsibly and respectfully towards its shareholders, employees, customers, consumers, the society and the environment.